10 reasons to choose Mailo Pro for your business or organization

Mailo Pro offer, developed on the basis of user requests, aims to be the most complete and the most competitive on the market.

Here are the 10 reasons to choose Mailo Pro :

  1. Custom business addresses : by transferring or purchasing a domain name on the Mailo platform, your organization can personalize its own e-mail addresses and even host its website, blog, showcase or portfolio.
  2. Centralized administration : from your administration account, you manage all  your team’s accounts : e-mail addresses, aliases, storage spaces, backups, exchanges and shares.
  3. Mail AND cloud  : alongside email, a wide range of applications is available : cloud, but also address book, calendar task manager, notes, RSS reader, etc.
  4. An office suite : thanks to the OnlyOffice collaborative suite, users can create and edit their documents online.
  5. An offer tailored to real needs  : the administrator chooses the number of accounts required and the associated Mail & Cloud storage capacity, which is freely shared between the accounts. At any time and free of charge, the subscription can be modified and updated.
  6. Migration made easy : with the tools to transfer external accounts, you can easily import mailboxes, address books and calendars. Your data can be accessed with any software or application on the market.
  7. Dedicated support : a priority hotline (hotlinepro@mailo.com) supports the user in installing and using the service.
  8. Mailo expertise : for 20 years, Mailo allows optimized management of mail and data and guarantees efficient and responsible use of the Web. Discussions with users are at the heart of the continuous improvement process for the service.
  9. Data protection : the data is securely hosted in France and is not subject to the American CLOUD Act which authorizes consultation on first request by the American justice and intelligence services.
  10. A very competitive price : from 1.25 € excl. tax per month and per account with the Pro Start pack. This price is made possible thanks to the complete control of costs and technology.

For more information, visit pro.mailo.com.